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INFINITY Salon & Spa


Our Team of Artists..

Indulge at INFINTY Salon & Spa......

Stylist - Colorist- Makeup Artist

Sara has been in the industry for over 10 years.  She is a Stylist, Colorist, and Makeup Artist at Infinity Salon.  She has grown her career to great sucesss.  She enjoys all aspects of hair styling and special fx makeup.  She has joined the team of stylists working in the film industry.   She has contributed to numerous films and music video productions.  Her work speaks for itself- always perfection and beautiful.  Everytime she comes back from a film production, her clients love hearing about all the exciting events she's experienced.   If you're always up for fun stories and a great hair style.  Sara is your girl!

Stylist - Colorist

Val has been a hairdresser for over 5 years.  She brings excitment and color to the salon.  She has taken on the role of  a Stylist and Colorist at Infinity Salon & Spa .   Her playful and fun personality really catches her client's eye.  Clients love spending time with her and is always eager for their next appointments.  She specializes in edgy and high fashion hair styles.  She is truly talented and is open to new ideas.  With her eye for fashion and color sense - you are in good hands!  Aside from high fashion hair art, she enjoys creating clean and polished bridal updo styles.    Ready for a new look?  Val is your stylist!

Stylist - Colorist  - Hair Extension Tech - Makeup Artist

Lawrence,  a talented allumni of Blanche Macdonald.  He has been doing hair and makeup in the industry for over 5 years.  He is involved in many fashion shows and  editorial photoshoots, working wonders for hair styling and makeup.   His work of art is showcased in many magazine publications.   As much as he loves the Fashion and Editorial side of the industry.  He loves working with brides  making them feel like a true "princess" on their special day.  He is now the Stylist, Colorist, Hair Extension Tech, and Makeup Artist at Infinity Salon & Spa.  He specializes in his glamourous Balayage Ombres and his set of natural blend of Hair Extensions.   Aside from that he has joined the L'oreal Luxe team as their Makeup Artist as well.   He truly has an eye for beauty and fashion.  And is recognized in the industry for his precise and detailed art work.   If you're looking for a glamourous new change or just and edgy new look, Lawrence is "the one!!"







Owner - Stylist - Esthetician  -Microbladding Expert -Eyelash Extension Artist

Vivian, a young and sucessful Stylist, Esthetican, and now the Owner of Vacouver's Top Salon-  Infinity Salon & Spa.    At a young age, she has grown her salon to be such a success.   Her contribution to the industry is tremendous.  Her skills set keeps growing.  Starting with a sucessful Esthetic career.  She then adds Spa Therapy, Massage , Microbladding , Eyelash extensions and last but not least Hair Styling. She is the whole package deal!   She specializes in men's hair styling and grooming care.  Her fun and passionate personalty truly makes her clients feel special.  If you're looking for a clean and polised men's style.   She is the one for you!

Senior Stylist - Makeup Artist- Esthetician

Hannah has been in the industry for over 20 years.  She has a great eye for color and definitely a great personality to work with.   Her friendly and enthusiastic personality really lightens up the whole salon atmosphere. Her experience reflects the great work she does.   With a great set of talent and skills she does wonders for any hairstyling, makeup, and esthetics.  If you're seeking someone fun and talented she is your girl!  

Senior Stylist

Irene  has been in the industry for over 20 years now.  A kind and sweet personality definitey makes her clients feel  at ease.   Her passion for color reflects in her work and her personal style.  She loves all aspectsof hair styling and does beautiful work.  All her clients leave with a  great smile and 100 % satisfaction.   If you're looking for a wonderful experience, Irene is the one.

Senior Stylist - Esthetician

Sue  has been in hte industry for over 20 years now.  She is well experieced in her hairstlying andwaxing skills.   Cut, Color, and Perm - you name she does it.  Her years of experience trully reflects in her work.  Her ladies come out with great perm styles and colors!  If you're looking for any chemical services. she does wonders.   Her welcoming personality really sets the mood for the appointment.  Looking to change up your look, Sue is the one!

Senior Stylist 

Krisztina has  been in the industry for over 15 years.  She is well trained in her color and cut designs.   She also specializes in updos and styling .  She has worked of several hair shows and publications in her years in the industry.  If you' need a new do or a glamorous updo for a special occasion, she is your stylist.

Kei ( Temporary away)
Massage Therapist

Kei Has over 5 years experience in relaxation massage.  Shes has had extensive training in  Japan, working closely with athletes assisting with their recovery needs.  Her skilled and educated training insures a wonderful massage. Her friendly and respectful personality leaves clients comfortable and at ease.  She is truly amazing and lovable.

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